Grass pastures of your horse's dream retirement getaway!

We will treat your horse like family.

7 Springs Farm is an ideal pasture and stall horse retirement boarding farm. The horses who are retired with us at 7 Springs Farm spend their days in large, green pastures with their herd mates. They get to graze all day long next to a good friend, drink from spring fed ponds, take a nap under a nice shade tree, and even chase some cattle if they are feeling spunky! It really is a dream, and when the owners come to visit occasionally they jokingly ask if they can retire here too!

Happy Horses at 7 Springs Farm!

We board retired horses on our family farm in Missouri. We have great pasture almost year round, and bail high quality organic hay right on our farm for the winter time. Visit our website if you are interested in learning more about boarding your horse at our horse retirement ranch.

Retired horses

We have three options for horse retirement which will allow you to customize your horse's schedule. All of the options allow them maximum time out in the pasture, grazing and stretching their legs.

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Meet the owners

7 Springs Farm has been in our family since 1968, and we're not going anywhere! The farm is our life, horses are our passion, and we couldn't be happier anywhere else. We would love for your horse to join the family!

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Meet the horses

Here you can meet some of the retired horses at 7 Springs Farm and see a video of them being horses out in the pasture!

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Quality Grass Pastures

We have horse quality pastures throughout our farm. Our high quality grasses are ideal for our retired horses, and we put up our own hay from our land.

640 Acres

We have 640 acres of beautiful rolling hills in the Ozarks. Our fields are not too rocky, too dusty, or too small; they are perfect place to board your retired horse.

Perfect Herd Size

Our retired horses are placed in herds from about 3-7 horses. We do not keep a lot of horses together in one pasture, and your horse will have plenty of space to roam.

It warms my heart every time there is a new picture of Jordan and I get to see what a wonderful life he has. He is and always will be a very special horse to me and he deserves the best life...and that is the one he has with you two. Thanks again for everything.     M.R.

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

~ Winston Churchill