Meet The Horses

Meet some of the retired horses boarded at 7 Springs Farm

Every horse is loved!

We love each and every one of the retired horses staying at our stables. We get to know them and consider them a part of our farm family. Every horse has a different personality, and that keeps farm life exciting! But one thing is for sure, all of our retirees are very sweet and we can tell they have been well loved by their family. Our goal is to continue loving and caring for your horse just as you have.

Below you can see pictures of some of the retired horses boarded at our horse retirement ranch.

Meet the horses

Horses being Horses!

Here is a short video of some of our retirees being horses! It is video footage we took that was put together by one of our client's son's as a gift for her.

Visit our horse retirement page to read all about the different retirement options you can choose from for your horse's specific needs. All of our options include as much time grazing on pasture as your horse can have. We also offer stall boarding if your horse needs to come in from the pasture for extra care or feed.

It warms my heart every time there is a new picture of Jordan and I get to see what a wonderful life he has. He is and always will be a very special horse to me and he deserves the best life...and that is the one he has with you two. Thanks again for everything.     MaryAnn

Meet Cody!

Retired horse Cody

Cody is a super sweet quarter horse who gets along with everybody. He loves to be groomed and get extra attention!

Meet Jordan!

Retired horse Jordan

Jordan is a large Warmblood with a big heart! His career was a jumper with his mom in California. He has some joint issues but does very well out in our pastures.

Meet Bowtie!

Retired horse Bowtie

Bowtie is a sweet, loving guy who will do just about anything for a peppermint and a kiss on the nose!

Meet Cash!

Retired horse Cash

Cash is a fun loving, flashy paint horse who did dressage for the first part of his life. He enjoys grazing and running around a little bit with his herd mates!

Meet Cassie!

Retired horse Cassie

Cassie is a loving and beautiful paint horse who was her mom's loyal companion for years. She is very devoted to her people and her herd mates.

Meet Farah!

Retired horse Farah

Farah is a sweet quarter horse, and she is best friends with Cassie. They do just about everything together!

Meet Sidney!

Retired horse Sidney

Sidney is a sweet old guy; he's been with us for a while now. His eyesight isn't the best anymore, but thankfully he knows our pastures well and he has his friends to help him out.

Meet Woody!

Retired horse Woody

Woody is Sidney's best friend. He may be old, but he is spunky too! He is always excited to come into the barn for his feed, and just as excited to go out to the pasture in the morning!

Meet Shalimar!

Retired horse Shalimar

Shalimar is a great gal! She has a lot of fun in the pasture with her herd mates, especially when there are some cattle in with them. As you can see she likes to push them around!

Meet Ginger!

Retired horse Ginger

Ginger is a sweet girl who loves extra hugs and kisses, and also loves to have fun in the pasture with her friends.

Meet Nemo!

Retired horse Nemo

Nemo and Ginger are best friends, they came here together. You can find them trotting around with their new friends and having an all around good time!

Meet Blackjack!

Retired horse Blackjack

Blackjack is our own retired horse. He was a great trail horse, and now gets to spend his days grazing his favorite pastures!

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

~ Winston Churchill