About our Retirement Farm

Learn more about our family run farm

A family owned and run horse retirement farm.

7 Springs Farm has been in our family since 1968, and we're not going anywhere! The farm is our life and we couldn't be happier anywhere else. We are often asked how long we have had the farm, and if we would ever think about moving. The fact is, 7 Springs Farm will always be the Kubitschek family farm! We understand that sending your horses to us is a long term commitment, so we just want to reassure you that we will always be here for them.

We began retiring horses here because we knew we had the perfect environment for them: large pastures to graze and stretch their legs in, without a lot of rocks, natural streams and spring fed ponds to drink from, easy rolling hills, and moderate climate (we are not as hot and humid as the south in the summer, and not nearly as snowy and cold as the north in the winter.) We wanted to help retired horses by giving them a dream home where they can just be a horse!

If you are considering retiring your horse with us at 7 Springs Farm, you are giving your friend an amazing gift in return for all of the years they were your riding companion!

Palomino horse

640 Acres of Heaven!

7 Springs Farm is 640 acres, most of which is hay quality pasture. We have:

  • 7+ natural springs
  • 10 to 50 acre pastures
  • 12' x 10' stalls
  • Two open air forage barns
  • Home grown hay

The owners of 7 Springs Farm

We are Unique!

We offer unique, individualized care for your retired horse. We have:

  • Small herd sizes
  • Access to amazing pasture
  • Specialized schedules
  • 24 hour care

The Ultimate Gift

All of our boarding packages allow your horse to be out on high quality grass pasture for 12 - 24 hours a day. Depending on which package below you choose for your horse, you can customize his or her schedule to best fit their needs. If you choose a stall package and want to keep your horse on any supplements you have them on, you can either ship Smart Pak Supplements to the farm, or if there is just one or two that our feed stores carry (such as electrolytes, etc.) we can add it to your monthly invoice. It's up to you. If your horse has trouble keeping on weight, you need to choose one of the stall packages, and we recommend keeping them on similar nutritional supplements you use regularly to help with that issue. We like all of our retired guys to be "fat and happy!"

We know it is a difficult decision to let your horse, a long time friend, go to a retirement farm. We try to make it easier for you by sending monthly photos and an update of your horse. Possibly even a video every once in a while! That way you can see your horse living the good life and know that you gave them the ultimate gift.

Horse splashing in pond

This is the LIFE!

Thanks so much for the photo. It is heart warming to see Cody with his buddies. I really appreciate your loving care of Cody!     Marsha

Our Hay Operation

We raise and put up grass hay, and alfalfa hay right on our farm every year. It is ideal for the retired horse, because the hay that they eat is exactly what they are used to grazing on. We put up both round bales and square bales. We feed the square bales in the barn and use them to make our own custom feed mix (see below), and we roll out round bales in the pastures in the winter time.

Putting up hay for the retired horses.

Grinding and Mixing our Custom Feed

A lot of our retirees don't have the teeth they used to, and so they need extra help with their feed. They might not consume as much grass while grazing, or they might not eat hay so well anymore. That is why we offer our own custom feed mix that has ground up grass hay and alfalfa hay that we raise on our farm, and corn from a local farmer. We know it is good quality hay and feed they are getting, and many retirees do better getting a mash.

Custom Mixing Horse Feed

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

~ Winston Churchill